Pre-installed single-sided easyPack protection towers (180°), wall-mounting - 3 metres

easyPack Perimeter Security Tower

Pre-installed single-sided easyPack protection towers (180°), wall-mounting - 3 metres

W302RR - W302TT - W303RR - W303TT - W304RR - W304TT

Pre-wired single-sided tower (180°) for wall-mounting with the basic components required, ready to be installed.


It includes:

  • Anodized aluminum profile.
  • UV resistant polycarbonate cover.
  • Top & bottom ABS bases.
  • Mother board with thermostat.
  • As many heaters as transmitters/receivers the tower includes.
  • Anti-sabotage tamper switch board for both bases.

Everything is pre-wired and mounted together with the IR beams (*) and their supports, chosen by the customer.

(*) It is compatible with different photobeam models (not included in the price).

Height: 3m.

Number of photobeams: there are different options regarding the number of beams and their organization inside the tower (1 Tx side or 1 Rx side).

W202RR – Single-sided tower with 2 Rx.
W202TT – Single-sided tower with 2 Tx.
W203RR – Single-sided tower with 3 Rx.
W203TT – Single-sided tower with 3 Tx.

(Tx = transmitter/s; Rx= receiver/s)

  • Minimum required elements for a proper installation:
    • easyPack tower with the desired configuration.
    • AB-HKWM wall-mounting brackets (not included).

Installation time reduction: installer’s work becomes easier, he will just have to fix the tower and to align the photobeams.


Wall-mounting with the required AB-HKWM wall-mounting brackets (not included).