ABSM - Single-sided modular perimeter tower (180°)

ABSM Perimeter Security Towers
ABSM Perimeter Security
ABSM Perimeter Security

ABSM - Single-sided modular perimeter tower (180°)

ABSM-2 (height: 2m), ABSM-3 (height: 3m)

Single-sided modular tower (180°), available in two heights (2m and 3m). The aluminum profile and the polycarbonate cover are provided halved, with the necessary joining pieces, thus reducing the packing box size.


It includes:

  • Anodized aluminum profile (two pieces).
  • UV resistant polycarbonate cover (two pieces).
  • Plastic joint and neck to join the pieces.
  • Fixing kit.
  • Top & bottom ABS bases.

Tower heights: 2 & 3m.


As a consequence of being modular, box dimensions and weight are smaller than the standard model ones, thus implying transport costs reduction and easier storage.


Dimensions: 127 x 21 x 18 (cm)
Weight: 10.1 kg

Dimensions: 176 x 21 x 18 (cm)
Peso: 11.9 kg

  • Minimum required elements for a proper installation:
    • Desired tower height.
    • Anti-opening tamper switch AB-TS (not included).
    • Side or wall brackets (not included).
  • Possibility of ground or wall mounting:
    • Use ABXT-LB or ABXT-LLB side brackets (not included) for ground installation.
    • Use AB-HKWM brackets (not included) for wall installation.