Infrared barrier reflector PR-5B of TAKEX

Infrared barrier reflector PR-5B brand TAKEX

Infrared barrier reflector PR-5B of TAKEX


The TAKEX indoor Reflector Beam series is designed for applications where a 'beam-break' is desirable, but running wire to both ends in impractical. Three different models offer the same point-to-point protection as standard photoelectric beams. The PR-5B is a pocket calculator sized beam designed for unobtrusive protection.

For distances up to 5m (16.5ft) indoor.

  • Cable only to one end: for applications where a beam break is desirable but wiring to both ends is impractical
  • Ideal for short distance protection across entrances and exits, corridors and staircases
  • Compact design for unobtrusive protection
  • Simple terminal arrangement for easy installation




Protected distance

16.5' (5m) or less

Light source

Infrared light emitting diode

Response time

50 msec. or more

Alarm signal

Dry contact relay output S.P.D.T. for C.

Contact capacity: AC/DC30V · 0.5A

Supply voltage

10.526V DC (Non-polarity)

Power consumption

37mA (at 12V DC)

Ambient temperature range

20° C to 50° C (4° F to122° F)

Mounting positions

Indoor-entrance, exit, window, passageway


Sensor: 90g (3.2 oz) | Reflector: 50g (1.8 oz)


ABS resin (white)