Battery Pack

Battery Pack for perimeter towers

Battery Pack

Power unit for low consumption devices and for the transmission of signals, manufactured by BUNKER SEGURIDAD, that allows to host up to 4 batteries type D of 3.6V and to power up to 2 devices (infrared barriers, external detectors, sensors DOPPLER, etc..) with their radio transmitters. It also offers enough space for 2 small radio transmitters that, wirelessly, can send alarm signals, low battery signals, etc...

It also includes the connector for the AX-ACC anti-tilt device by OPTEX.

Allows easy battery replacement.

  • Number of supported devices: Maximum of 2 transmitters and 2 devices via radio.
  • Capacity: Up to 4 type D batteries; 2 transmitters via radio
  • Inputs: Alarm: 2 per device / Tampers: 1
  • Power output: 2 outputs, 3.6V each.
  • Installation: In tower, in post or wall.
  • IP: IP65.
  • Optional: it incorporates space enough and connector for a radio transmitter
  • Accessories: TWKH-BP (tower), BP-WB (pared), BP-PB (post).
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