We work with the best brands in the market: OPTEX, TAKEX, CIAS, FIBERSENSYS, REDSCAN, REDWALL

Abound Services has devoted itself to researching, manufacturing and marketing in the field of security, mainly focused on perimeter security. Operating as a group of companies in over 10 countries, Abound uses the latest technologies to provide security distributors and installers with the finest perimeter security products. With our perimeter security towers and infrared beam towers we are innovating perimeter security business. 

Abound can - through its international network of operations - focus its service on providing the ideal security system for projects and operations - either big or small - anywhere in the world, efficiently and cost effectively.

Thanks to our strong R&D team, we have our own product design capability and can develop new Security Products for our customers that may also include OEM cooperation.

Our main Security system products focus on Perimeter Security Beam barriers for Infrared Beam Sensors such as TAKEX, OPTEX and others. Nevertheless, we also cover other security requirements with products such as professional safes for different applications (weapons, cash, DVRs…).

We provide reliable products for infrared beams with high performance & competitive pricing to supply our partners all over the world. Thanks to your full support and encouragement we will always make the maximum effort to improve and innovate.

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